A Focus On The Future

Some thoughts from Splashlight Founder Lisa Gran:

I am not one to spend much time on social media, but during these trying times we are all experiencing, I find myself searching for some positive posts to take me away from so much negative we see on a daily basis. And, amazingly, when taking the time to look, I find them. Peace, kindness, and positive change can truly come from chaos.

As stable as our WC industry is, it also, historically, has been reluctant to change and many people have become cynical and burned out over the years. But I see and feel an encouraging change happening . . .

These unprecedented times are suddenly resulting in an industry willing to embrace new ideas and bring a level of caring and service that at times, before this pandemic, seemed to have faded away – massive companies; less quality service and care; mediocre savings for clients; and complacency had in many cases become the industry norm. Having been forced to hit “the pause and reset buttons,” many companies are taking time to seek out improved ways to manage not only their workers’ compensation programs, but also the well-being of their organizations, employees, and their families as well.

Bigger is not always better and there are many organizations in our industry who choose to take the road less traveled to partner with smaller companies that they can grow with building a loyalty and trust that should be the norm for all business relationships.

The past few months have presented us all with unique challenges, but our team is proud to be strong and stable – able to help our clients (and potential clients) weather the current environment and prepare for the future. Most organizations are currently seeking ways to reduce costs, streamline programs, and find unique and improved ways to create positive transformation as they focus on the future.

Splashlight Solutions is helping companies do just that.

There will be a time when COVID-19 is behind us. For now, we will continue to focus on providing organizations with flexible, tailored solutions with a progressive approach and we’ll successfully withstand this pandemic disruption together.  We are here for you and we will emerge . . . Better Together.

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