how we become
better together.

Founded by Lisa Gran in 2011, Splashlight offers a unique Reduce, Predict and Prevent solution that works to provide measurable savings to employers, insurance companies, TPAs and other organizations that want to shift from being reactive about rising healthcare costs—to being proactive.

In order to deliver measurable results, our revolutionary solution breaks down silos within organizations and brings everyone involved together to rethink how you manage healthcare costs across the entire company. (That’s why we say we’re “Better Together.”)

By implementing our shared success model and developing strong relationships with clients, we work with you to achieve the common goal—that is maximizing your net savings and improving employee well being. Pretty bright, isn’t it?

How we became better together.

leadership team

Despite the name Splashlight we don’t take our responsibilities lightly. Our team works tirelessly every day to listen and design solutions to create positive measurable outcomes for your organization, employees and their families.

advisory board

It is an honor to have these authorities in coaching, predictive analytics and pharmacy benefits serve on our Advisory Board. We appreciate their outstanding knowledge and expertise. And we’re pretty sure you will, too.