Every Accomplishment Begins with the Decision to Try

It’s official, we are three months into 2019 as well as our New Year’s resolutions, and statistics show that a large majority of us took the month of January to establish goals for ourselves.  Eat better, workout more, swear less, save money, whatever it may be, a resolution is goal setting at its finest.  The question becomes, can we stick with it?  Historically, insights have shown that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail within the first six weeks, and mid-February has come and gone with the blink of an eye.  With all of that said, we checked out some ways that may help us keep our New Year’s resolutions around a little bit longer this year.

Instead of going at your resolution alone, find a partner.  Having someone to check in with that has a similar resolution as you, a friend or family member that you know will help hold you accountable, or even a professional that specializes in what you’re focusing on can help keep you on the right path.  We love learning more about organizations like ValorFit that do just that, in this case for veterans.  The ValorFit team believes that “Yes, fitness builds strength, but being surrounded by like-minded strong veterans builds something even more important, confidence and pride in self.”  This just goes to show how teamwork can make the dream work, or in this case, help us keep our New Year’s resolutions.

Keep your resolution simple, but specific.  Don’t overcommit yourself to too many New Year’s resolutions.  Instead keep it simple by picking one, and drilling into the details of it.  What are you trying to achieve? Why is this resolution so important to you? How will it make you feel to succeed with keeping this resolution?  This year I personally have a resolution to make it to my local gym two times a week.  This resolution is important to me because physically going into the gym vs working out at home helps keep me accountable to exercising instead of “at home excuses” getting in my way.  Following through with this resolution will make me feel fulfilled because health and wellness is important to me and exercising helps me feel less stressed.

Make your resolution a priority, and don’t let those negative thoughts keep you from following through.  Make time.  So often I hear myself say, “I just didn’t have time to do it today.” If all of us took the time to establish a resolution, then it must be a priority.  Don’t let the negative thoughts telling you that you can’t lead you astray.  Stay positive, let the negative thoughts go, and try not to criticize yourself.  Life happens to us all, and things do not always go as planned, but turn that lemon into lemonade.

By now, we’ve all read multiple articles on creating and keeping New Year’s resolutions, but hopefully this one sticks with you as a refresher and  reminder!

Happy goal keeping the rest of 2019!


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