Good Things Are Still Happening in These Strange Times

The Coronavirus pandemic has sent us hunkering down in our homes, with uncertainty, fear and endless “bad news” living in every corner. That’s why it’s more important than ever that we take a moment – and a real deep breath – to focus on the good things going on out there.

One of those things that caught our eye recently was this story about college students who are designing face masks for the deaf and hard of hearing community. The masks have transparent screens around the mouth, so people with hearing loss can see other people’s mouths for lip reading.

The idea has since caught on, with more and more doctors and nurses using the masks to better communicate with all of their patients. Because it’s hard to connect with people if you can’t see their whole face. And you see, these masks let us see them smile.

We could all benefit from that, right?

Thank you to all of our front line workers – from health care providers to grocery store cashiers and delivery drivers alike. In times of crisis, heroes emerge.

And that’s what helps us focus on the good stuff.


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