Predicting behavior uncovers more potential savings.

The Transformative Ten, your high- and rising-risk employees, are driving more than 70% of your healthcare costs. But, how do you find them so that they can transform their lives—and reduce your company's costs? That’s where PREDICT comes in.

Big data provides the big picture.

As consumers, we make decisions and purchases every day that create data "footprints." Where we eat. What we drink. How we travel. This data tells us a lot about our lifestyle and if we’re making healthy or not-so-healthy choices.

Splashlight uses predictive analytics to collect more than 1,900 unique consumer data points, plus healthcare claims data, workers’ comp data, PBM data, and proprietary data to create a 360° view of your Transformative Ten across the entire company. These are typically people with diagnosed or undiagnosed chronic conditions, those who have filed workers’ comp claims, or those who are regularly engaged in high-risk behaviors such as tobacco use, inactivity, unhealthy diet and other behaviors affecting their well-being.


of the healthcare costs in the U.S. are related to chronic conditions.

Predictive analytics provides personalized solutions.

By pinpointing your high- and rising-risk employees, we can offer the right intervention at the right time to help them change their behaviors and ultimately reduce your organization’s healthcare costs. Predictive analytics also enables us to predict who may need extra support and determine which interventions will be most effective for them.

“To drive the best results, you need to build predictive models specific to the actual population you’re trying to study and impact. We know all populations are different, so why would you treat them all the same?” – Phil Fiero, Senior Vice President, Analytics at Welltok


of the cost of chronic conditions arise from hospitalizations & ER visits, the most expensive type of care.

Who’s in your Transformative Ten today?

Your employees’ health status can be constantly changing. So is your Transformative Ten. Our predictive analytics model is updated each quarter to continually identify new at-risk employees. This allows our clients to quickly take proactive measures to provide interventions rather than waiting a full year for updated claims data.

Next step? Meet your coach.

Now that you’ve identified your Transformative Ten, giving them an advocate to motivate them to change behaviors is the next important step. That’s why we developed The Coaching Choice®.

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