The Coaching Choice® improves lives—and your bottom line.

Once our predictive analytics has pinpointed your Transformative Ten, it’s time to take the next step—literally. The Coaching Choice targets high- and rising-risk employees and helps them change behaviors through positive intervention and focused motivational coaching. That’s PREVENT at work.

Recent research has shown that 69% of healthcare costs are associated with an individual’s health behavior.

When ‘‘wellness’’ programs aren’t enough.

In order for prevention to be effective, it must be targeted. And typically, company wide wellness programs are not. A recent government study reported that 66% of large firms that offered wellness programs stated that they did a poor job of encouraging participation. While some wellness programs may foster healthy corporate culture and encourage healthy employees to continue on the right track, the Transformative Ten require a more engaging solution, something more powerful and individualized.

“Every healthy employee you force into wellness wastes about $250 in screening and check-up costs. That same $250 would buy a lot of coaching for the 10% who would actually benefit from it.” – Al Lewis, Disease Management Expert and Author

Coaching done right

The Coaching Choice rises above typical wellness programs to provide personal health coaches for those who struggle with chronic conditions and difficult habits.

A one-of-a-kind health improvement strategy, The Coaching Choice uses proven conversational techniques that inspire and engage even the most skeptical participants to make incremental and impactful behavior changes.

What’s the difference?

Coaching can mean a lot of things these days—especially in the corporate world. So how do you know if the program you choose will work? Our quality, evidence-based health-coaching program is established on these six principles:



Coaches and employees work together to define goals



Coaches help employees discover internal motivators



Together, we create personal improvement plans



We uncover gaps in care and find resources



We follow up regularly to provide accountability



We work directly with those suffering from chronic issues

“The ultimate goal of effective health coaching is to build self-care skills in high- and rising-risk individuals and inspire individual accountability for a positive health future.”

– William Appelgate, Ph.D, Clinical Health Coach

Here’s proof of prevention.

We’re proud to announce that Splashlight’s The Coaching Choice® solution has been certified through the prestigious Validation Institute.

Ready to start saving?

It’s time to flip the switch on positive health outcomes by preventing future healthcare costs. Schedule a 15-minute discovery call with us today to find out how we can positively impact your organization.

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