Summer Vacation

Stepping into Summer means family vacations, spending time with your children, sleeping in (if you’re lucky) and some lazy days.  There starts out an anticipation of all the many activities, events, and community festivals that will take place over the course of the summer months and the projects you may have held off on doing in order to save them for the warm, sunny days.  Family getaways that have been planned and saved for throughout the year are finally going to happen.  There may be family reunions or family members from out of town coming to visit.  A lot more time spent outdoors. Finally!  Especially enjoyable for those of us exposed to the snowy, cold winters; a wonderful time to get that much needed Vitamin D.

So many exciting, relaxing and much anticipated fun!

As the summer starts winding down, we may feel somewhat torn anticipating the imminent change of weather, activities, and relaxed routine.   In some respect we may not want to let go of the many BBQ’s, trips to the lake, amusement park adventures with the children, and other activities.   But there is also a sense of yet another season of anticipation to get the children back to school, back into a familiar schedule, and utilizing the energy obtained from the much needed “holiday” to charge forward to start yet another change of season and all the changes it brings.

Oh, if only we could just bottle up that summertime and take a dosage each day!  Since that is not an option, here are some tips to keep that mindset.

Continue to enjoy nature and the outdoors:
We know from studies conducted that mental health and wellbeing are improved or “elevated” when people experience nature.

Don’t Stop Eating fresh:
One of the best things about summer is access to fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables.  Continue to enjoy the positive benefits of those fruits and vegetables brimming with healthy benefits for as long as they are available.  Carry some of those favorite summer dishes (and grilling) into the next season.

Stay in Shape:
Continue to take walks; it’s good for the mind and body.  If gardening was your thing, find some yard projects or other projects that provide exercise (and a sense of accomplishment!), start a new exercise class or join a gym.

Take time every day to be present:
Meditate, or if you are one of those people who has a difficult time “turning off”, just take some time to sit quietly (doesn’t haven’t to be long lengths of time), practice gratitude, embrace a daily reading with a mindful and positive message.

Plan time for your relationships:
Whether it is your significant other, children, friends or other family members, if a conscious effort is not made to allot quality time with them, it may not happen as frequently as it should.

As summer winds down and you’re feeling anxious and somewhat stressed about the change of routine as well as leaving behind the laidback summer mindset, just remember these simple shared tips to keep a healthy mind, body and that “sunny disposition”!

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