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Splashlight Telehealth Mike Knutter

It is now our second month of Team Member Spotlight! Again, we are looking forward to each of you being able to get to know the Splashlight Team.

This month, we’d like to spotlight Mike Knutter – the leader of our Bill Review Team! Mike has extensive experience in workers’ compensation bill review. Before joining Splashlight in June 2015, he spent 15 years in the industry building relationships with vendors, platforms, clients, and influential individuals. He has worked with regional and national vendors and PPO networks that include pharmacy benefit management, specialty review, DME and implant review. As our Director of Bill Review Operations at Splashlight, Mike works closely with our bill review team and our clients to assure our bill review methodology of discovering, negotiating, and advocating is fully leveraged to maximize our shared success model. Mike plays a key role in our ability to achieve our competitive advantage in the marketplace. Mike is married and has 5 children that keep him running during his time away from work. Read more about Mike below:

How has Splashlight helped you in your career development? “We have an excellent foundation built on open communication and a culture of collaboration that is second to none. This spirit of teamwork has allowed for ideas to come to fruition and that has been a very rewarding experience.”

What drew you to Splashlight originally? “Lisa Gran drew me to Splashlight. I have known Lisa for 20 years and worked with her in the past at multiple other companies in this industry. She is just a very good natured and kind-hearted person and it’s a privilege to get to work for and with her.”

What is your favorite thing about the workers’ compensation industry? “The people in this industry. We have some terrific people working here at Splashlight and through my years of working in work comp, I have had the good fortune to meet and to work with so many truly talented and hardworking people at my past places of employment, clients I have served, and vendor partners I have worked with.”

What does true leadership mean to you? “JFK said that “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”. I believe as a team we all can learn from each other through the spirit of cooperation. Listening to each other and constantly trying to learn and become better than we were yesterday.”

What would you name the autobiography of your life? “Serving is Leading”

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? “ Space travel or buying a private island sound nice but probably would start with paying off debt and then go from there.”

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