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This month we’d like to Spotlight Jan Frey, VP of Operational Services for Splashlight Virtual Solutions (VS).  Before joining Splashlight Virtual Solutions (VS) in July 2018, Jan worked over 25 years in healthcare management.  Jan is a strategic thinker with strong management, leadership and team development skills. She is respected for developing new and innovative solutions, taking an organization to the next level of efficiency and productivity. With a proven record of completing projects on time and under budget, Jan is passionate about customer service and exceeding the customer’s expectation.  Prior to launching her career in healthcare, Jan studied Elementary Education at Texas A&M University.  Please read more about Jan below:

What is your role at Splashlight Virtual Solutions (VS)?  As the VP of Operational Services, I work with our software development team to ensure that our products are dynamic, well designed, user friendly and adapting to the ever changing demands of the marketplace.  I support the sales team by providing product demos, I train our providers, and also lead the new client onboarding efforts.

 Before working at Splashlight Virtual Solutions (VS), what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?  Before I began my career in health care and information technology, I was a substitute school teacher.  Being a substitute school teacher taught me to adapt quickly, think on my feet and look for creative solutions when problem solving…all skills that I use today at Splashlight!

 What has been your favorite project at Splashlight Virtual Solutions (VS)?  It’s all been exciting because I am so passionate about introducing virtual communication into the healthcare sphere.  Currently we are developing a new product that will enhance communication in the long term care industry and that is very exciting.  This product is one that will have meaningful impact on a segment of our population that is often overlooked.

 How do you define success?  To me, success, whether personally or professionally, is doing something you love to do that results in a positive impact on someone else.  It may be introducing a new product line that expands a physician’s availability, or having coffee and conversation with a friend who is grieving the loss of a spouse, or improving a process that results in greater productivity and profitability for our company.  The most important people in my life are my family, so the greatest sense of success I experience is when I have the opportunity to really make a difference in their lives.

 Best Vacation you’ve been to?  Every December we spend a week in our time share condo on the beach in Cancun.   It’s a large vacation unit right on the beach so we’ve been able to share it with family and friends.  We can cook in or dine out, hang out on the beach or beside the pool, disconnect from the world or jump online and work.  We’ve met friends from all over the world there.  It’s a perfect getaway for my husband Bob and me, and we look forward to it every year.

 Do you have a favorite newspaper, blog?  Not really, but I do love to read.  Because my job requires that I be on my computer all day, I am very comfortable entertaining myself online.  I’m a kindle fanatic and read every night before bedtime.  My phone is my kindle device, so I read when I’m traveling, on the plane, while I wait for the uber driver, anytime I have five minutes or more.  I get my daily devotionals online and I love finding new recipes to try online as well.

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