Team Member Spotlight – Whitney

Whitney Mazzie has always been a stickler for details. So much so, that while bartending at a country club in college, one of the members took note – and offered her a job that essentially required her to “check other people’s work,” she recalls with a laugh.

She worked her way up the ladder for 11 years, until she was finally overseeing a team of bill review analysts and handling 10 or more clients at a time. But when a former boss (Mike Knutter, director of bill review operations) told her about an opportunity with Splashlight, Whitney says she knew it was time to stretch her skill set and grow.

“I always wanted to keep learning and advancing myself, and this was a chance to do both while growing with the company,” says Whitney, who has been with Splashlight for three years. “Splashlight gives us so many opportunities to learn and become more knowledgeable in our field. It’s been a really awesome experience for me.”

Today, Whitney is a lead account manager, working directly with clients to ensure that needs are being met and bills are being processed correctly. She manages a team of bill review analysts who process thousands of workers compensation claims each month. And she still enjoys giving all of her attention to the details.

“Splashlight is definitely client-driven,” Whitney says. “We’re not in it to make the most money possible, we’re in it to save the most money for the client. We’re doing it the right way, and I feel good about that.”

Whitney lives with her husband, Bobby, on the southside of Des Moines, not far from where they both grew up. They have two children – Vinny, 8, and Kendall, 5. Whitney enjoys attending their sports and dance activities, riding bikes, grilling out, and “just being able to watch my kids do what they love to do.”

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