Team Member Spotlight

Meet Lisa Schmidt

Lisa Schmidt has a degree in accounting, but it was her data entry skills that first got her noticed in the medical billing field. As a front-end bill processor at Splashlight, Lisa works primarily on the workers’ compensation claims for a national account, working carefully with her team to ensure they are processed properly – and in a manner that will save the client money.

“There are always little things that we have to change for the platform that we use, or little adjustments we have to make depending on each state,” Lisa says. “And with a nationwide client, there are a lot of claims to review and work through.”

Before joining Splashlight a year ago, Lisa worked for six years at much larger company in the same industry. Already she has appreciated the way Splashlight’s size feels more like a family. One of her current colleagues, Whitney Mazzie, recruited Lisa to Splashlight after working with her at their previous company.

“She saw enough in me to trust me to be her backup,” Lisa says. “She listens to my ideas and my thoughts and I really, really enjoy that.”

Lisa says she also appreciates the detail-driven process that Splashlight uses for every client. She was recently promoted to an appeals analyst position, where she will review disputes if providers disagree with their payments.

“I’m looking forward to that because it will give me a different perspective from the back-end of the process,” she says. “I’ll be able to see how what I’ve been doing the last seven years fits in to the bigger picture of how we are taking care of our clients.”

Lisa and her husband of 30 years live in West Des Moines with a cat named Patrick. They are “huge” Minnesota Vikings fans, and are planning a move to be closer to family this summer to Arizona, where she will continue to work remotely.

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