Team Member Spotlight – Natashia

It’s a good thing Natashia Medeiros has mad spreadsheet skills. As an account executive at Splashlight, she works with them all day – and relies on the data before securely transferring it to Preferred Provider Organizations.

“I’m pretty much filling out spreadsheets and sending bills to PPO networks,” Natashia says. “I’m kind of the last person who’ll see or touch that bill before it goes back to the client.”

Checking, double-checking and triple-checking details is how Natashia and her team at Splashlight ensure they are doing everything they can to look out for their clients by saving them money. Before joining Splashlight three years ago, she worked for another company in the same industry as an auditor, an analyst and finally a team lead for one of their largest accounts; the positions each demanded an elevated attention to detail but weren’t particularly rewarding, she says.

It didn’t take long for her at Splashlight to realize what had been missing: a “practice-what-we-preach” culture around work-life balance and making sure everyone is striving to reduce client costs.

“I feel appreciated, like my voice matters and my opinion matters and my team and my bosses care about my daily life not just my work life,” Natashia says. “And there’s definitely more attention given to clients. We spend a lot of time talking to them. We’re trying to save them money. It’s a huge difference between us and other companies.”

Natashia recently received a well-deserved promotion as PPO Team Lead. She lives near downtown Des Moines with her husband, Dan. Having been in dance since she was three years old, she is also the owner of Studio Royale in Knoxville, where she commutes a few times a week to run the competition program there. 

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