The First Wealth is Health – Ralph Waldo Emerson

predict graphMost would agree that if you have your health, that is “everything”, or at least the foundation to enjoy what life has to offer.

Unfortunately, even with this shared sentiment, health care spending continues to increase and based upon estimates from CMS, it is expected to grow at a rate of 5.5 percent per year through 2025.  Many factors are contributing to this cost acceleration, including the fact that chronic disease comprises a major portion of this continued increase.

So, how are employers and employees addressing this trend?  It starts with employers thinking more about health care not just as a cost to be managed, but an investment in their employees and their company culture. Evidence has shown that employee health status, including chronic illnesses, and mental health have a direct impact on job performance, productivity, job safety, and hence injuries, customer satisfaction, and profitability.  An unhealthy culture can also affect the company’s ability to attract and retain top quality employees.

More and more employers are looking to their health data to assist them in their decision making and strategy for a culture of health.   For example, what health conditions are affecting their workforce the most?  Completed studies have shown that just 10% of employees in organizations drive as much as 50-70% of the total health care spend. In addition,  which employees may be at risk for developing health conditions and can something be done to mitigate the possible development and  preventable cost of  at-risk employees?

Employers often find in difficult to engage their employees  in strategies to motivate and guide them  toward self-care and a healthier lifestyle. So many factors affect an employee’s health and related  health costs.  However, deeper insights can be gained by carefully reviewing and leveraging data.  A guided analysis of health claims , pharmacy utilization , consumer data elements combined with predictive analytics, if done correctly, can offer a solution – a path to identify high-risk and rising-risk employees and engage them going forward in targeted solutions.

Splashlight’s Predict and Prevent Solution provides a validated path for employers. It uses a patented, machine-learning analytic tool to identify an employer’s high-risk and rising-risk employees by analyzing  historical health claims data, prescription claims data and tying in consumer data. This collection of data is then used to identify risk, project costs and set benchmarks for bending the trend of employee health risks and costs.

As at-risk and rising risk individuals within an organization are identified through data analytics, they are invited to participate in The Coaching Choice®, Splashlight’s personalized coaching approach.  This one-of-a-kind strategy partners with these employees helping them navigate proven preventative practices,  building practical self-care skills and inspiring health behavior change aligned with their own goals and interests.

Employees are invited to participate in this voluntary and confidential health coaching program.  Employees meet with a personal coach initially and move to coaching conversations, as needed, for as long as they wish to continue.   The health coaching strategy focuses upon two primary elements: evidence-based care strategies around prevention and self-care plus health behavior change  built specifically around an employee’s individual interests and goals.  The Coaching Choice is guided  by trained, certified, experienced coaches.

The results are real and participation is significant.  The program typically attracts and retains 70-80% of employees with chronic conditions and anticipates lowering costs for the participating highest risk employees by as much as 20% per year.

The Coaching Choice solution doesn’t replace traditional wellness programs, but can compliment and enhance them by producing measurable outcomes.  The program is successful and includes, but is not limited to, the following Competitive Advantages:

  • Targeted – Laser focused on changing behavior for your highest risk and rising risk employees and eliminating the barriers to participation
  • Validated – Partnered with a leading healthcare predictive analytics company to transform your data into actionable insights.  Splashlight and this methodology have been approved by the Validation Institute.  https://validationinstitute.com/validated-programs/
  • Engaged – Research shows 69% of health care costs are associated with an individual’s health behavior.  Our high- performance health coaches use evidence- based methodologies to partner with program participants to take charge of improving their own health outcomes and do so in a safe, secure and private environment that fosters trust and ensures compliance.
  • Effective – A high rate of participation of employees.  Participants lower their health risks and improve their health status; having fewer hospital admissions, fewer ER visits, more primary care office visits and fewer specialist visits, less work absenteeism, and lower health care costs.  Resulting in a significant decrease in overall health care spend.
  • Accountable – Splashlight works closely with your leadership team to determine and benchmark which metrics will be measured and share in the savings. Outcomes vs expectations are evaluated on a regular basis and reported on program performance.

Do you desire  a more strategic approach to establishing a “culture of health,” providing your at-risk employees a path to better health?  Do you have a commitment to a healthier workforce?  Do you seek a proven approach  to reduce your overall health care costs?  If the answer is “yes,” to any of these questions, consider a conversation with Splashlight Solutions to learn more about The Coaching Choice®.  Together we can create a program that will make a positive impact upon your employee population and organization…because we are Better Together.


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