What’s Your Number?

What if there was a pile of money lying across the street?  What amount would it take for you to be willing to stop and investigate? Now, what if it’s your company’s money? Let’s face it, every organization has some threshold. For some companies, it is tens of thousands. For others, it is millions of dollars before it really gets their attention. What’s your company’s number?

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, when we first begin visiting with organizations, it is clear many of them have not been provided solid benchmarks from which to draw accurate conclusions.  In short, they often don’t realize how much money they are truly spending, saving or losing on their workers’ compensation medical bill review programs.

Absent benchmarks, such as Net Savings (total savings after all fees and discounts have been applied), most organizations are basing their Bill Review partner choice simply on “bill charges and fees” and the usual bells and whistles of technology.

Splashlight is different!  We believe in leveraging the talent and expertise of our Bill Review analyst team, supported by the industry’s leading bill adjudication platform, to maximize the savings on each and every bill. There is simply too much at stake to leave the entire review process to just algorithms. That pile of money on the ground just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

At Splashlight, our goal from the beginning (even before an organization is actually a client) is to help an organization identify their current actual Net Savings so they have a true benchmark from which to begin analyzing performance.  It’s a very simple process to get started. Our team requests a specific, simple report broken down per state from their current Bill Review provider and/or TPA or Insurance company capturing historic data. That report is then analyzed to flush out the numbers that really determine how much Net Savings you are actually getting. Having a better understanding of all the factors, including your fees and charges, will provide you the clarity for making an informed decision.

Once your true, current Net Savings is determined, a comparison report is provided revealing what your Net Savings would have been for the same time period if you were a Splashlight client.  This includes an explanation of exactly how we determined the savings numbers per state.  No hidden fees or gimmicks. Transparency is a key component of every client partner relationship we preserve. We want a client partner for life – not just for the length of the first contract.

Let our team help your organization find its pile of money!


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